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In 2009, James embarked on a two year knee & hip fellowship at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland.

Thereafter he worked at one of the UK’s busiest joint replacement hospitals, the Golden Jubilee, doing complex knee & hip surgery.

James set up Midlands Orthopaedics in 2013 and shares his time between Hilton’s Life Private Hospital and Howick’s Mediclinic Hospital

With more than 10 years experience, Rian joins Midland Orthopaedics after heading up the joint replacement, sports medicine and complex trauma unit at Grey’s Hospital.

With a passion for training, Rian has been faculty on both national and international training courses as well collaborating on international research on hip replacement surgery.

Rian is an affiliate of the South African Society for Hip Arthroscopy, SA Arthroplasty Society.

Dr Troisi has successfully run a paediatric and trauma unit at one of the busiest state trauma hospitals in Pietermaritzburg since 2016, prior to that she had the opportunity of working at both regional and tertiary level institutions gaining experience and training and teaching, in general, as well as specialised orthopaedic surgery. She has experience in the management of paediatric trauma and muskuloskeletal injury as well as the management of acquired paediatric conditions such as club foot, cerebral palsy and infections of the bones and joints as well as in deformity correction of conditions such as in-toeing (pigeon toe), out-toeing (duck foot), genu varus (bowed legs) and valgus (knock knees) and leg length discrepancies.

Dr Troisi also has a passion for foot and ankle conditions. She has worked with a number of leading foot and ankle surgeons in South Africa and is a member of the foot and ankle society. Her focus being on degenerative conditions such as bunions, bunionettes, achilles tendon problems and arthritis. She also manages acute sport and ligament injury as well as acquired conditions such as flat foot, cavus and diabetic foot.