Nathan Richter – Bilateral hip replacements

Nathan Richter – Bilateral hip replacements

Patient Name: Nathan Richter

Case Study: Bilateral hip replacements

Dr James McAllister: Nathan suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis that affected both hips which resulted him being dependant on a wheelchair. Bilateral hip replacements where performed and he is doing very well.


Dear Dr McAllister
How can we adequately express our gratitude and appreciation, not just for the incredible work you did on Nathan’s hips, but also for the manner in which you took care of him afterwards, and during rounds. We are and will always be grateful for your kindness, compassion and generosity towards this family. Of course, having seen your work on my mom, my sister, my niece and my nephew, and the fact that you went to Maritzburg College – I knew all along that you would be amazing!

Tony and Caroline Richter

Project Details

  • Patient : Nathan Richter
  • Condition : Severe rheumatoid arthritis
  • Doctor : Dr James McAllister