Hip preservation surgery

The hip joint has a central zone and a peripheral zone. The central zone is often affected by arthritis requiring hip replacement. The peripheral zone is injured when a small abnormal bony bump occurs on either the femur neck or socket edge. This slowly rubs and crushes the cartilage ring (labrum) at the edge of the socket. This cartilage ring can be torn or lifted off the bone resulting in pain in the groin and buttock. Hip preservation surgery provides the ability to manage these peripheral zone injuries and remove the abnormal bony bumps with “keyhole” surgery. This removes the cause of the pain, bringing relief and is particularly important when the central hip joint is normal. Hip preservation surgery can allow for many more years of good function and potentially avoid hip replacement surgery.

Artroscopia de cadera

Total hip replacement

The operation of the century: total hip replacement– Prof ID Learmonth

A hip replacement is a common operation done to relieve pain and stiffness of the hip. The operation has a 95% success rate. The operation involves removing the ball of the femur and replacing it with a prosthetic ball on the end of a stem, which is fixed into the femoral marrow cavity. The cup is replaced with a metal backed cup that has a plastic liner that articulates with the ball. The replacement takes about 90 minutes and a typical stay in hospital is 1 -2 days. Although this surgery carries some risk, we believe the benefit far outweighs the risk.

OA hip
Cemented Rt hip

Revision hip replacement

As a total hip replacement is a mechanical implant, wear over time in inevitable. Modern replacements can last in excess of 20 years but when they do wear out, a partial or whole replacement becomes necessary.The results of revision hip replacement are extremely good, but the operation more complex and the risk of complications is higher. Due to the complexity of the operation the stay in hospital is slightly longer.

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