Sharjah Jonsson – Shoulder instability

Sharjah Jonsson – Shoulder instability

Patient Name: Sharjah Jonsson

Case Study: Shoulder instability

Dr Rian Smit: Sharjah sustained a traumatic shoulder dislocation resulting in persistent instability. He required surgery to stabilise his shoulder and allow him to return to professional mountain biking.


My name is Sharjah Jonsson, I am a 20 year old full time mountain biker from Pietermaritzburg. I have been racing on the Enduro World Series circuit for the last 2 years. 2019 saw me finish 10th in the u21 world series despite missing the last 3 rounds due to a shoulder injury. I had a really great experience with Midlands Orthopedics and I would recommend them to anyone seeking the services they offer.

Their care and expertise was better than anything I have ever experienced elsewhere. I have returned to the 2020 season after surgery with full confidence in my repaired shoulder and I am really looking forward to proving myself on the world circuit.

Case Study Details

  • Patient : Sharjah Jonsson
  • Conidtion : Shoulder instability
  • Doctor : Dr Rian Smit