Blake Pickering – Fracture Dislocation Of The Hip

Blake Pickering – Fracture Dislocation Of The Hip

Patient Name: Blake Pickering

Case Study: Fracture dislocation right hip

Dr Rian Smit & Dr Katherine Troisi:  Blake had a mountain biking accident that resulted in a severe pelvic fracture and hip dislocation as well as a fractured collarbone.


Blake is a Brand Development Consultant working in Hilton. He picked up cycling as a hobby three months before the injury occurred. 

“I was riding with friends in Mondi Forest, had just summited Swartkop (the highest point in the area) and we were out riding longer than expected and in a hurry to get back. I was on an open stretch of dirt road, going somewhere close to 40km an hour downhill and recall taking my eye off the road as I reached for the water bottle. When I looked up I had drifted to the right, and at the edge of the road was a near-vertical bump that I couldn’t avoid. I tried lifting my front wheel to get over it, but went over the handlebars and landed full force on my hip. After a few seconds of semi-consciousness, I came to. My legs were crossed, something was clearly broken, I couldn’t move and the pain was unbelievable.”

Both Dr Katherine Troisi and Dr Rian Smit were involved in the procedures to aid Blake, although Dr Katherine Troisi was the primary person who was in communication.

“Dr Troisi, who met me in casualty as I arrived at the hospital, was an excellent communicator, administered ketamine and put my dislocated hip back into place, and in doing so ended the most painful two hours of my life. From there I was placed in High Care. Dr Troisi was attentive and explained each step of the process and went out of her way to assist with administrative issues to ensure I got to surgery as soon as it was feasible.”

In surgery, the hip joint and pelvis fracture was reduced and held together with two surgical plates and screws. Another incision was made over the collar bone to reduce the fracture and hold it with a plate and screws.

Following the operation, Dr Troisi and Dr Smit did regular follow-ups with Blake while he recovered in hospital, and for another six weeks after release, where progress was observed as excellent. Blake kept off his right foot completely for five weeks with crutches, then progressed to partial weight-bearing for three weeks, and was walking comfortably by 8 weeks. 

“Until about 10 days ago, I couldn’t sit comfortably for very long, a major problem for a person who writes and designs. Today I’ve been at my desk for six hours, pain-free and confident that I am going to make a full recovery. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance.”

“I have learned that a comminuted pelvis break can be a difficult injury to come back from. There are many complications, from nerve damage and abnormal bone growth to blood flow issues that can get in the way of a full recovery. As recently as the turn of the millennium, the prognosis for my injury was dire. Only advancements in prosthetics and surgical techniques over the past two decades have made my walking again possible. I am deeply grateful that I had access to the surgical team and technology that I did, and thanks to Midlands Orthopaedics’ care and attention, I can now walk (and even run short distances), pain-free only 10 weeks from surgery.”

Project Details

  • Patient : Blake Pickering
  • Condition : Hip fracture and dislocation
  • Doctors : Rian Smit & Katherine Troisi