Ivor Glutz – Hip Replacement

Ivor Glutz – Hip Replacement

Patient Name: Ivor Glutz

Case Study: Fractured Hip

Dr James McAllister: Ivor had undergone previous surgery on his hip that had unfortunately failed. 


Ivor had surgery for a total hip replacement many years ago and had recovered well. In June 2020 he had a fall which broke the femur around the total hip replacement stem. He was seen by a surgeon who attempted to plate the fracture.

Unfortunately this operation failed when the screws and plate pulled out of the bone before the fracture healed. Ivor had been bed bound for the 6 weeks prior to seeing Dr McAllister.


The only option was to remove the top half of his femur at the fracture site, together with the old prosthesis and the failed plate. This was to be replaced with a partial femoral mega-prosthesis.

Ivor had a sound surgery and has made a good recovery. He has started to walk again with assistance. Most importantly, however, is his pain has been resolved.

Project Details

  • Patient : Ivor Glutz
  • Condition : Fractured hip
  • Doctor : James McAllister